Slanderous comments were made by Cec Mitchell (rodeo organiser) in
The Bunyip on the 4th of January, insinuating that we had been vandalising rodeo signs in the town. This is completely untrue and not something we would ever do. It would not help the rodeo animals cause at all.

I can assure the community of Two Wells that we have no idea who was involved and certainly do not condone that sort of behaviour and hope that the people involved do not participate in this sort of destructive behaviour again. There are better ways to get your point across.

Supposed rumours about insurance problems were initially factually voiced by the Mallala Council at a their meeting on Dec 19th, which is another swipe that Cec made against us to defend lower than expected attendance. If we had wanted to make that fact well known, it would have been posted on this website.


31 December 2005
Worst run rodeo we have had the misfortune to attend.
Worst possible New Years Eve.

This rodeo made a staggering loss of $12,000 for the community of Two Wells!

Another Death!
On a sweltering 43 degree day, another horse was killed. In front of thousands of cheering people including hundreds of children, the bucking horse broke it's leg and tried desperately to escape the cowboys trying to restrain it. It was frantically biting at the rider who was on its back. Twice the horse broke free and tried to drag itself away. The commentators laughed and joked throughout the whole gut wrenching scene. Even worse were claims that the horse was not euthanased quickly on the arena, but left there for over 20 minutes before being loaded onto a trailer and taken away to be euthanased.

The RSPCA is now investigating the circumstances involving this horses injury and subsequent death.

A 'bronc' rider was injured when the frantic horse ran bucking into a fence. The rider was knocked unconscious, went into convulsions and was taken away by ambulance.

At the conclusion of the event, a large burst of fireworks were released in the grounds, right next to the already terrified and abused animals, causing even more anguish.

The lighting was very poor and several of the horses ran/bucked to the fence. They appeared even more disoriented that usual, possibly due to the dim lighting. One horse tore the inside of his back leg open after getting tangled in the arena fencing with a rider on his back in the bucking event.

Children hung all over the portable arena fencing and a physical fight is alleged to have broken out between the stock contractor and competitors.

Today Tonight aired a story Wednesday 4 January 2006 and showed footage of atrocities at this event. This included the horse breaking its leg (which subsequently died); the rider falling; and a mare forced to enter a bucking event whilst having foal at foot. The foal paced frantically and banged into the arena fence, being traumatised from the separation of its terrified mother. He witnessed his mother taking a bad fall and landing on her back. A terrible introduction to his life as a rodeo horse.

We would love to hear from one of the supposed vets, particularly since the vet on the permit is male, and the commentators said the 2 vets attending were female. We would like accurate details of when and how that poor horse was euthanased, as early reports say that it was not euthanased in the first 20 minutes of its agony. We would like to know why adequate veterinary supplies to quickly euthanase this horse seemed not to be available.

The RSPCA is currently investigating this rodeo.

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View the media page for details of the Today Tonight story and press articles. Images yet to be uploaded.

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20 June, 2006