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Anti-cruelty support is overwhelming

Thank you to everybody who has responded to support our campaign!

The media have been very responsive to us as no doubt the information and evidence we have documented demands immediate attention. It is graphic and horrific and it is evident these are not isolated cases. Cruelty is inherent in rodeo.

Some of our supporters have offered some interesting views which we would like to make available here on this page to encourage others to act.

On the other hand, there are others who disagree with our campaign to ban cruel rodeos, who have also offered us their view, but unfortunately most aren't suitable to display as they are mostly profane.

Thank you for your support. Please continue to let our politicians know this cruelty will not be tolerated. Demand proper answers. At this stage, there are none and won't be until this cruel 'sport' is relegated to history.


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A letter from an ex-station hand

I was so glad to receive your flyer in my letterbox, I used to work on cattle stations in Qld in my 20's and I attended a few rodeos but I could never actually watch the events due to the cruelty, and I will never attend another one in my life.

I witnessed a horse plunge to its death within seconds at one rodeo in far north Qld, he was let out of the chute and was so frightened that he ran full speed to the other end of the arena, straight into the fence, therefore breaking his neck and no-one seemed to be worried about this.

I have also seen people deliberately taunting bulls to make them more "entertainable" to the public, with no concern that the animal is absolutely terrified.

Another event that I think is appalling is that of placing a $50 note on the forehead of a steer, then everyone chasing it around to see who can grab the money first, this would obviously scare the daylights out of the poor animal.

I have worked very close to cattle on the stations I have worked on and I know how gentle and loving these creatures can be, they deserve a lot better than what they are getting at these awful events, and i wish you well in your quest to ban rodeos.

Kind regards


29 January, 2006