Simon Cook
Independent No Rodeo Candidate



Congratulations to the electorate of Stuart for your support, and for keeping an open mind in the face of unfounded criticisms by the major party candidates!

Despite being openly attacked by both major parties without call, Simon Cook received a very credible .7 % of the primary vote with a further 5.1% of Stuart voting for a candidate publicly supporting No Rodeo and our aims!

A total of 6% of the votes!

That's 1203 people who voted for a candidate publicly supporting a ban on the cruel rodeo events in an electorate known for it's large rodeo presence.

Votes flowed in from areas such as Burra, Port Augusta, Kapunda, Eudunda, Davenport, Spalding, Peterborough, Orroroo and Jamestown.

This was despite all but 5 of Simon's posters being stolen!

Jane Alcorn - Greens - 3.6%
Bruce Lennon- Democrats - 1.7%



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13 December, 2006