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Robe rodeo 2006

1 January 2006
More Rodeo Violence

At this rodeo ran by Ron Woodall Productions, we witnessed the abuse of poor Chester, a Chestnut gelding. He was was so stressed, thrashing around in the chute for an extremely long time, smashing and catching his legs on the chute gates repetitively. He was stabbed in the hindquarters with a metal spur and eventually flipped over, landing on his back and knocking himself out. We noticed he had a mouth full of blood and injured eye.

It is a breach of permit for the welfare of animals not to release a distressed horse immediately. There were plenty of opportunities to release Chester, and none were taken.

No vet was called to attend to him after he collapsed. We would be interested in hearing from the vet attending, if there was one.

The RSPCA will be investigating this rodeo shortly

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7 April, 2006