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After attending just 14 rodeos, we've witnessed two horse fatalities in the arena. It's possible more deaths occur from internal or unseen injuries, which only the stock contractor knows of. In fact the Marrabel 2004 rodeo is being charged with failing to submit a report — Coal Miner's Daughter died in this rodeo. We’ve filmed major injuries at every rodeo we've attended.

Coal Miners Daughter
3 October 2004 • Marrabel rodeo

Coal Miner's Daughter was a beautiful white mare who had foaled recently. She fell when she broke her spine or hip* from overbucking. This mare was paralysed and dragged out of the ring and onto a trailer by her head while she was still alive. The rodeo announcer said what a fine competitive spirit she had and that she was dearly loved and was on her way to rehabilitation.

*Two independent vets (one an international specialist with treating rodeo livestock) has given this assessment from viewing our video footage taken from two separate angles. The vet in attendance, documented she had a broken fetlock on the veterinarian's report. Witnesses saw the stock contractor advising him not to euthanase her, so we are not confident that she was treated humanely.

Vet: Dr Peter Jones, Kapunda

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Unnamed Horse
31 December 2005 • Two Wells rodeo

This poor horse was so unimportant, it didn't even have a name! It broke it's back leg when it fell heavily while the rider stayed on it's back for a considerable amount of time. Cowboys came running from everywhere to pin it down. It desperately broke free and tried to get up. It was a terrible, terrible sight! People were clearly distressed, many crying and several left.

The announcers called for a vet, yet no one confident came forward. They then joked about having two female vets ... very good looking ones, but the two young women in the ring looked nervous and distraught with no idea of how to take charge of the situation. Announcers then called for a police officer.

The horse was dragged off the arena and into a trailer after approximately 20 minutes and taken away.

Vet: Would be keen to hear from him and what he did to treat the horse if he actually was there.

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Another Possible Death?
28 January 2005 • Wilmington rodeo

Details to be updated.

Sponsor:Member for Stuart, Graeme Gunn!

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Coal Miner's Daughter

RIP 3 October 2004

7 April, 2006