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Who is 'No Rodeo'?

In October 2004, Jeanie and Troy Walker attended their first rodeo in Marrabel South Australia where they recorded numerous acts of animal cruelty on video. They have since attended several more events and confirm it is an inherent fact that rodeos are outrageously inhumane. Organisers and competitors pay no attention to the flimsy 'code of practice for the welfare of rodeo animals' which the rodeo fraternity themselves wrote. This code is meaningless as not only is it ignored, the most blatant acts of cruelty are not even addressed in it.

In addition to the absolute disregard of animal suffering, Jeanie and Troy have also raised concern about public safety and children who compete and work at rodeos. Children involved in rodeo are being desensitised to violence and lack compassion.

Much of the Walker's vision has been provided to the RSPCA and is being used to prosecute rodeo organisers. The 2004 Marrabel rodeo organiser, has so far been prosecuted in court. This is the first prosecution of a rodeo event ever in this State — not surprising to the Walkers as they have faced extreme difficulties while initiating the process. There are still 2 more cases set down for trial from the same rodeo, against the two stock contractors involved.

Jeanie and Troy have been lobbying the government since October 2004 to seek total prohibition of this cruel blood sport in South Australia. To date, the government has failed to pay heed, therefore, Jeanie and Troy and a number of supporters ran as No Rodeo Independents in the election on March 18 in an effort to make this issue progress further.

They were recently given a donation through a grants program run by 'Voiceless' to help continue their work in banning rodeos. 'Voiceless' is headed by Brian and Ondine Sherman, Hugo Weaving (actor) and JM Coetzee (Nobel Prize winning author) and is based in Sydney.

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28 June, 2007