Prosecution of 2004
Permit Condition
They did it again!
Mocking RSPCA





Marrabel 2005

2 October 2005

Pending Prosecution
Despite the Marrabel Rodeo (2004) organisers being charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty and breaches to their permit conditions by the RSPCA, and despite widespread public outrage, Minister for Environment and Heritage, John Hill gave a permit to the organisers to reoffend.

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Permit Issued Under Condition
John Hill refused to meet with us, and he refused to view the footage from Marrabel Rodeo 2004. He then issued a permit for another event, advising he did so on the condition an RSPCA officer monitored the chutes. Supposedly to ensure they'd do the right thing, because he knew they wouldn't if left unsupervised.

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Oops They Did it Again!
At this event, we recorded several more breaches to the rodeo 'standards', including calf jerkbacks (where a calf is pulled backwards off its feet or dragged backwards when lasooed around the neck) and competitors continuing to rough handle animals out of the event time limit.

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Mocking the RSPCA
The RSPCA is totally against rodeos and wants them banned. In effect the Marrabel 2005 Rodeo was possible because of the RSPCA. It was disgusting and immoral of John Hill to make the only group legislated to pro

secute for animal cruelty — the group currently prosecuting this very rodeo for cruelty — be the reason the rodeo continues.

Rather than humiliate the RSPCA, why didn't John ban the stock contractors responsible, Ron Woodall Productions and Noel Fraser? A much more logical thing to do. John Hill and his rodeo advisors know they are the only two rodeo stock handlers in the state and if John Hill made a real effort and banned them, they wouldn't have anyone to supply the sacrificial rodeo animals.

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This horse fell heavily. This happens often at all rodeos as the flank strap sets them into a terrified bucking frenzy. They are always at risk of severe injury.

This competitor didn't complete the event in the required time, yet he continued twisting this steer's neck while the animal fell awkwardly and heavily in opposing directions desparately trying to escape the torture.






7 April, 2006