RIP Coalminer's Daughter
Children at risk
Mistreatment of animals
Public safety risk
Injured cowboys

This white mare, Coal Miner's Daughter fell from breaking her spine or hip from overbucking* Flank straps irritate horses and cause extreme distress which makes them buck. *Two independent veterinarians have viewed the vision and given this assesment



Marrabel Rodeo Club secretary convicted on 2 counts of animal cruelty!

On April 11th 2006 at Clare Magistrates Court, Andrew Allchurch was convicted on 2 counts of failing to comply with the Code of Practice for Care and Treatment of Rodeo Animals.

He was convicted of housing horses in with a bull, and not allowing a distressed and rearing bull to be immediately released. He was fined $300 for the first offence and $500 for the second.

In handing down his decision the Magistrate said that although Allchurch had no prior convictions and was an active community member and volunteer, for policy reasons he was imposing convictions on both charges as a deterrent to this happening again.

There are still 2 more trials pending from the same rodeo, against both of the stock contractors, Gavin Woodall and Noel Fraser.

In my statement to the media I said that I was happy with the conviction and small fine, as I do not wish community volunteers to receive large fines. I just want animal cruelty to stop and a conviction sends a strong message that a ban is the only way to achieve this.

Marrabel 2004

An account of what we witnessed and documented at the Marrabel rodeo, 3 October 2004

This horse was so distressed in the chute, it got caught over the release gate when thrashing about. The judge stepped up to jab him in the chest with a clipboard in a crude attempt to release him.

RIP Coal Miner's Daughter

This mare suffered an appalling injury raising fiery debate over whether she was humanely euthanased. Conflicting accounts of the tragedy continue to propagate. Several witnesses saw her dragged paralysed out of the ring while the announcer paid homage to her fine competitive spirit and that she was dearly loved and on her way to rehabilitation. Visit obituaries. [video 1mb]

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Children at risk of death and injury
Video of a small child on a young bull. The animals ears are violently pulled as a feeble measure to 'control' the animal. [video 420kb]
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Gross mistreatment of animals
As these animals are terrified and thrash about in the chutes, limbs are often caught over the gates and rails.

Video 1:
Judge kicking a bull's left hock and other 'handlers' hitting in the head when its leg was caught in the chute gate. [video 1.1mb]
Video 2: Horse's hind leg caught over chute gate, kicking in terror. When released into next chute, smashes its head into steel barrier and collapses with suspected head injury.
Video 3 : Judge jabbing horse several times in the chest with a clipboard whilst it has both forelegs caught over the chute gate. [981kb]
Video 4: A 'normal' steer wrestling event. [video 954kb]
Video 5: A distressed bull not released [2.4mb]
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Risking public safety
The 2004 Marrabel entry ticket warned spectators of their own liability in tiny text. Read it
Bull out of control, loses its bearing and heads towards the crowd. Note the hat thrown towards the chute to redirect the bull away from the crowd. [381kb]
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Cowboys beaten to a pulp  

Video 1: Cowboy thrown into chutes [813kb]
Video 2: As above, alternate angle [583kb]
Video 3: Cowboy's hand caught and dragged by bull [239kb]

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Here the hand held electic prod is applied to a bull to make it burst out of the chutes. Excessive prod use is why many animals get limbs hooked over gates. They thrash around in distress whilst in the containing chutes.

Pulling a steer's tail whilst in the chutes ensures it runs terrified at top speed on release.

Steer wrestling — twisting the young animal's neck at an obscene angle



25 April, 2006