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Craig Allan
No Rodeo Independent Candidate


Congratulations to the electorate of Light for proving that you care about animal welfare!

Craig Allan received a fantastic result with 2.2 % of the primary vote with a further 6.5% of Light voting for a candidate publicly supporting No Rodeo and our aims!

A total of 8.7% of the votes!

That's 1639 people who voted for a candidate publicly supporting a ban on the cruel rodeo events!

This was despite vandalism and theft of his election posters.

Craig received the highest percentage of votes for a No Rodeo candidate, ironically in an electorate known for it's ties to the rodeo circuit. A very strong message that people are extremely concerned about cruelty in rodeos, regardless of where they live!

Jenni Douglas - Greens - 4.8%
Alan Collinson- Democrats - 1.7%

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18 June, 2006