Agitated horse [611k]
Bull fall [325k]
Bull kicking & sand kicking [1.3mb]
Pulling bull's tail [270k]
Calf roping [252k]
Calf roping [1mb]
Stressed horse not released [766k]
Horse crashes into chute [389k]
Horse falls twice [554k]
Horse falls [433k]
Horse hits fence & falls twice [943k]

Kadina rodeo 2006

7 January 2006

Hosted by the Yorke Peninsula Harness Racing Club and sponsored by West End Brewing.

This rodeo was another display of disregard for distressed horses bucking and rearing in the chutes while handlers gave them barely a glance.

Several horses crashed into fences and took terrible falls, badly injuring themselves. One horse had its back leg torn open with a gaping wound after crashing into the arena fence and falling badly 3 times. This could have been avoided if the handlers had released this horse (which was already clearly distressed in the bucking chute) and not forced it to compete in the bucking event.

Many other horses, steers and bulls were not released immediately despite being seriously distressed.

A very disappointing event to be held by a respected horse club.

The RSPCA is in receipt of video evidence and is investigating.

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24 June, 2006