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13 January 2006

History of Past Actions

Yankalilla Rodeo cancelled

The Yankalilla Rodeo has been cancelled for next year after both the Rotary Club and Lions Clubs of Yankalilla pulled out of organising the event.

The Lions club did try and hold the event by themselves after Rotary pulled out, and asked the Yankalilla Council for $15,700 in funding but were refused. In the word's of one counsellor 'I could not support such an event with apparent animal cruelty'.

Well done Yankalilla Council! You can contact the council on to congratulate them on making this compassionate and ethical decision, and request that they take steps to ban rodeos in their council district.

Rodeo Code of Practice exposed as rubbish!

A Rodeo stock contractor, Gavin Woodall was charged with 3 counts of failing to comply with the SA government's supposed 'toughest legislation in the country' and went to trial on the 15th of August 2006. This is the first trial of a rodeo stock contractor ever in Australia!

He was charged with using electric cattle prods on bulls confined in chutes. The RSPCA was forced to withdraw the charges after the lawyer for the defence pointed out loopholes in the Code.

The Australian Professional Rodeo Association wrote the Code of Practice so they knew exactly where these holes were and could easily exploit them.

If the SA government issues any more permits then they do so knowing full well that the animals will not be protected from 'electric shock treatment' all in the name of 'fun'.

Gail Gago has issued many letters to concerned constituents stating how strong her protection of animals in rodeos is, and in particular, that 'electric prods must not be used on bulls confined in chutes'.

Gail Gago lied and has continued to do so even after the trial result was brought to her attention!

Pt Lincoln Rodeo dumped!

The Pt Lincoln Rodeo which was held during the annual Tunarama Festival has been scrapped due to the heavy financial losses incurred from this years event and the 'adverse opinion of the public towards rodeos'. We applaud this decision by the Tunarama board and the local council and wish them well with future ethical tourist events. Please congratulate them at

Marrabel Stock Contractor charged

Rodeo Stock Contractor Noel Fraser appeared in Clare Magistrates Court on the 5th of June, charged by the RSPCA with 3 counts of failing to comply with the permit conditions to hold a rodeo. The charges relate to the excessive use of electric cattle prods on bulls at the Marrabel Rodeo 2004. He is now set down for trial in April 2007 - nearly 3 years after the offence was committed!

Urgent help needed to ban rodeo!

We presented footage of the New Years Eve Two Wells Rodeo at the Mallala Council Meeting on the 15th of May 2006, calling on a council ban of rodeos & were horrified that a number of counsellors actually found this funny & were laughing.
One horse lost its life and many others had serious falls & sustained injuries.

Counsellors commented in local newspapers that there was nothing for them to make a decision onand 'it was a waste of time’.
The Chairperson commented thatif you are offended by rodeos then you just don’t go’……If only the animals used in rodeos had that option!

Council are waiting to ‘see if they get any further public feedback’, so it's up to all of us to defend these animals & to protect our community’s reputation.

Please write, email or phone Mallala Council & politely ask that they ban rodeos permanently in the Mallala Council District.
Two Wells Rodeo made a loss of $12,000 for the local community.

Phone (08) 8527-2006 or email
PO Box 18, Mallala, SA 5502

Will Watson pleads guilty to assaulting Janet Allan at Marrabel

Will Watson, 21 year old bull rider from Victoria has 'done the right thing' and pleaded guilty to assaulting anti rodeo campaigner, Janet Allan in the Clare Magistrates Court on the 8th of March. He will be sentenced on the 29th of August at the Adelaide Magistrates Court.

Marrabel Rodeo Organiser convicted of animal cruelty!!

Marrabel Rodeo Club secretary Andrew Allchurch was tried and convicted of 2 counts of failing to comply with the Code of Practice for Care and Treatment of rodeo animals at the Marrabel Rodeo held on October 2004. He appeared in the Clare Magistrates Court on April 11th.

He was convicted of housing horses in with a bull, and not allowing a distressed and rearing bull to be immediately released.

In handing down his decision the Magistrate said that although Allchurch had no prior convictions and was an active community member and volunteer, for policy reasons he was imposing convictions on both charges as a deterrent to this happening again.

There are still 2 more trials pending from the same rodeo, against both of the stock contractors.

In my statement to the media I said that I was happy with the conviction and small fine, as I do not wish community volunteers to receive large fines. I just want animal cruelty to stop and a conviction sends a strong message that a ban is the only way to achieve this.


The Animal Welfare League Supports a Ban of Rodeo
The Chairman of the Animal Welfare League wrote to The Advertiser to express the Board's opposition of rodeo. Letter to the editor

The latest Animal Welfare League magazine also features a 2 page article on their opposition to rodeo cruelty.

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RSPCA Calls for Rodeo Ban
The RSPCA has also called for a total ban on rodeos in the current review of the Prevention of cruelty to Animals Act 1985. Minister John Hill is currently reviewing the submissions.

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Voiceless Supports No Rodeo
Voiceless headed by Brian and Ondine Sherman funds projects to ameliorate the lives of animals. Voiceless' Ambassador is Hugo Weaving (actor) and JM Coetzee (Nobel Prize winning author) is Patron.

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Disclaimer: The advocates behind this website, Jeanie and Troy Walker hereby dispel the rumour they are acting as a front for an animal rights organisation. They are acting purely as individuals. Although they are members of the RSPCA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, none of their actions should reflect on any other group in any way.