Minister Gail Gago continues to issue rodeo permits and describes rodeos on TV as 'popular'!Is she supposed to be the Minister for Animal Welfare or the Minister for Cowboys?
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Please help end the abuse

We have presented a clear case to the government that no amount of regulating can eradicate the cruelty of rodeos and the only option is total prohibition. However, your support is needed to force the Government into action.

Please email the 'Minister for Animal Welfare' to let her know she must stop issuing permits for rodeos, at ..or ring her on (08) 8463 5680
Tell her South Australians will not tolerate animal cruelty for 'fun'.

Ask that she no longer sign a piece of paper which allows what the RSPCA's national President refers to as 'legalised cruelty', and which has now been proven in the magistrates court to be disobeying our animal protection laws. These are the same laws she is referring to in the media as the 'toughest regulations in Australia'!

Visit your local MP NOW!
This is the most direct way to be heard by the government. Ask what they will be doing for rodeo animals now they have been elected. Tell them animal cruelty must not be tolerated for entertainment. Find your MP
Volunteer to distribute campaign leaflets or offer financial support (a donation) so we can continue printing and distribute material [email us for details or write to us]. To date we have printed and distributed over 60,000 leaflets, with more in production.
Write and tell the government to BAN RODEOS.  Do not accept answers about strict guidelines, regulations etc. See address details in next column on this page. View letters written by our supporters.
Download our petition for friends, neighbours & colleagues to sign. Petition


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Write to these politicians

Gail Gago
Minister for Animal Welfare
Parliament House, Adelaide SA 5000
The Hon Mike Rann, MP
Premier of South Australia
GPO Box 2343, ADELAIDE SA 5001
Michael Wright
Minster for Sport & Recreation
GPO Box 1072, Adelaide SA 5001
Kevin Foley
Minister for Police
GPO Box 2264, ADELAIDE SA 5001
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8 July, 2007