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Aims for Giles • Better facilities and services for the elderly and ill • Address nursing home crisis • Rebuild public transport • Reinvest in education • More mentoring, development and training programs for bored youth to provide inspiration and confidence • Esmond will be accessible to every one.

Esmond Vettoretti
Candidate for Giles


Congratulations to the electorate of Giles for showing that you really care about animal welfare!

Esmond Vettoretti received a fantastic 1.3 % of the primary vote with a further 4.5% of Giles voting for a candidate publicly supporting No Rodeo and our aims!

A total of 5.8% of the votes!

Votes flowed in from Coober Pedy, Andamooka, Whyalla and the Far North.

That's 1103 people who voted for a candidate publicly supporting a ban on the cruel rodeo events!

Kieran Turnbull - Greens - 4.5%



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16 May, 2006