8 October
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Children at risk
Electric Prods on Bulls
Public in Danger
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Baroota 2005

This small, unprofessional rodeo, was a disaster waiting to happen with a tiny arena. Even the barrel racing events were extremely dangerous with the barrels being so close to the fence, the horse and rider had little room to clear and competitors and horses fell.

Horses and bulls were thrashing around loudly in the chutes clearly distressed. The smaller calves and steers in the roping and wrestling events could be heard gasping and choking for air clearly; unlike most larger rodeos where the music and crowd mask these chilling sounds.

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Children at risk
In a children's event, a young girl fell from the steer she was riding and was trampled. She appeared to be seriously injured and was taken away in an ambulance. We have since heard responses from people that she is okay and we want to convey our relief that she was not too badly injured this time.

A young boy fell from a steer when the steer he was riding ran terrified into another scared animal still in the arena from a previous 'ride'. There were no safety measures here.

A young boy of about 10 years old opened the chute gate for a bucking bronc event.

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Blatant Excessive Electric Prod Use on Bulls
In the bull riding event, several bulls were electric prodded as leaving the chute. The prod was clearly visible by the naked eye from the opposite side of the arena.

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Public in Danger
The lightweight unsecured portable arena fence of this rodeo raised serious concern. Particularly when four bulls were loose in the arena and the wranglers had a lot of difficulty collecting them. Finally, the stock contractor came out and chased them in straight away ... the bulls were scared of him ... after all, they know him well, he's the guy with the prod!

Several times the commentator told spectators to get away from the fence ... because if one of those bulls came through, it could be nasty. One steer actually lifted the flimsy fencing with his head in an attempt to escape.

In addition, the bull fighting protection clowns were having a great deal of trouble getting the bulls out of the arena before new bucking animals were released. This compromised the safety for the clowns, the public and the competitors.

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Reported by Media

Channel 7 Evening News
9 October 2005
• Outrage of public safety and animal cruelty.

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Port Pirie Recorder
13 October 2005 • An out of town visitor was outraged by cruelty and danger at Baroota rodeo.

Read the story and comment from Baroota Rodeo President


22 June, 2006