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State Government calf roping 'ban' a FRAUD!!!
On the 4th of July 2007 the Minister for 'Animal Welfare' (?), Minister Gail Gago announced changes to the regulations to hold rodeos which she falsely claims will protect animals.

None of the new regulations will help a single animal!!
Among her ridiculous claims is that by lifting the minimum weight of animals used in rodeos she is 'banning' calf roping.
She makes it seem like animals will be benefiting but the truth is far more sinister. What the government is really doing is simply introducing a NEW rodeo event called steer roping!!
Victoria brought in the same regulations and now steer roping has been competed there for years and I have been in Victoria filming it this year. The animals are slightly older and the cruelty indescribable!
How dare the government try and dupe the SA public that they have the best interests of the animals at heart.
In her press release, Minister Gago proudly states that these new rules will 'greatly benefit the rodeo competitors'. How nice of her.
It's a great pity that she forgot to bring in something that will benefit the animals she is supposed to protect.
Please contact Minister Gago by phone on (08) 8463 5680 and tell her exactly what you think of this very intentional deception.
You can also email her at minister.gago@saugov.sa.gov.au or you can contact me at jeanie.walker@norodeo.org for further information and facts on the other supposed 'tough new regulations'.

The Labor state government needs to either go back to the drawing board and come up with a solution to this reprehensible animal cruelty - (not a heap of meaningless wording changes and political spin), or they need to admit that they don't give a damn about animal cruelty or the constituents they are supposed to represent and protect. The transference of animal cruelty to humans is undeniable and they are placing society at risk with their wimpy half hearted efforts. Strong leadership and the ability to make difficult decisions is now called for in our increasingly dangerous world!
If they can't even make a simple black and white decision on an issue with so much evidence and public support then how will they react in a crisis?!

Stock contractor Noel Fraser convicted of animal cruelty
Noel Fraser was convicted on the 10th of April 2007 in the Clare Court. He was originally charged with electric cattle prod offences stemming from the Marrabel Rodeo 2004, but the RSPCA dropped these charges in return for him pleading guilty to housing a bull with horses. He received a $250 fine and $120 in lawyers fees. According to the Rodeo Associations own codeo of practice, he will no longer be able to work as a rodeo stock contractor. I have also spoken to the Minister for Animal Welfare, Gail Gago and asked for confirmation that no permits will be issued for rodeos using Noel Fraser as a stock contractor regardless.

Will Watson convicted for assaulting Janet Allan
Will Watson was convicted on the 23rd of February 2007 in the Clare Court.

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ABC reports of rodeo cruelty video posted online
Videos of alleged animal cruelty at rodeos around South Australia have been posted on a popular, free video sharing website by anti-rodeo campaigners. The videos show animals struggling wildly in stalls, as well as animal injuries.

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Rodeo Cruelty in Media

NEARLY 100 media reports
of rodeo cruelty

Worth noting ...
Psychologists express concern of rodeos being promoted as family entertainment. They point out the research which correlates cruelty to animals and other violent and criminal behaviour.


Disclaimer: The advocates behind this website, Jeanie and Troy Walker hereby dispel the rumour they are acting as a front for an animal rights organisation. They are acting purely as individuals. Although they are members of the RSPCA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, none of their actions should reflect on any other group in any way.